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Arc de Triomphe – From the Waste of a Civilization | Markus Jeschaunig | Via

"In our culture bread is a symbol for safeguarding the basic existence…The industrialized world consumes more than it needs and less than it buys."

 The “Arc de Triomphe” enlightens a dark aspect of our behavior  – waste production.


Water Pitcher Block by Antonio Aricò

The carafe was hand blown by artisan Massimo Lunardon.


They are among us. [x]

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DANGER: Educated Black Woman — Armed with Knowledge

Shirt: CaféPress.com Tutu: DIY

Robresha, 23, Chattanooga, TN

Submitted By: http://hellorobresha.tumblr.com/

IG: rororo_yurboat


remembering our heroes

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Greg Klassen is a furniture maker in the Pacific Northwest who finds inspiration in its landscape and translates that into his work. His River Collection features gorgeous, reclaimed wood tables that are embedded with beautiful glass rivers.


Alphabet Flash Cards for Design Nerds

Emma Cook has created a full series of alphabet flash cards for design nerds.

You can find all the illustrations on WATC.

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